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 ibm connections  WebSphere 24 April 2018

IBM Java 8 Support for IBM Connections 5.5 - the clock is ticking

IBM released a statement on April 23 regarding the plan for support of Java 8 in IBM Connections 5.5 (and earlier).  The tl;dr synopsis is:  there won't be any.  

IBM Connections 5.5 uses Java 1.6 for it's JVM in WebSphere 8.5.5 and there is no plan to provide support for Java 8 for these earlier versions of Connections.  Also, Java 1.6 will not be supported past April 2018 aside from security updates that will be provided until December 2018.

So, if you want to stay "current" on Java releases, it's time to start looking at migrating to IBM Connections 6.0. I know for some customers this is a news flash as they may have either just been kicking the tires on 6.0 in a test environment or haven't even started to look at it - or the new features in the Component Pack (Orient Me, etc).  This is now the time to start looking at this in earnest.  

Beyond the changes in the underlying JVM, if you are running on Linux there is also a need to upgrade/migrate to a newer OS as RHEL 7.0 is now the minimum.

Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Java 8 support statement for IBM Connections v5.5

 IBM Notes 13 February 2018

IBM Notes 9.0.1 for Mac IF13 available for Java 8 update

Last month I posted about an issue with IBM Notes and the latest Java 8 update for Mac.  Today, IBM posted IF13 to resolve this issue.

The download is available on Fix Central.  You'll want to install the fix before updating Java to the latest version.


 IBM Notes 21 January 2018

IBM Notes 9.0.1 on MacOS and Java 8 Update Higher Than 152 Not Working

An IBM Technote was published last week regarding IBM Notes 9.0.1 for MacOS and the Java 8 update 152 or higher.  After this update, the Notes client on Mac doesn't respond to mouse or keyboard input which is less than helpful and almost not useful.

The workaround for the moment is to downgrade to Java 8 update 151, which appears to be the highest level that doesn't fail with Notes. To get the Java update, you need to go to the Oracle Java download archive site - and choose the update 151 for Java 8 Runtime.  An Oracle account is required to download.

After that, you need to uninstall the current Java version. To do this, go to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins and delete the JavaAppletPlugin.plugin.  You'll be prompted for your admin password.  One that's done, start the install of the download from the archive site and you're all set.  Just don't update the Java plugin when it says there's a newer version available.

Here's a link to the IBM Technote.

 Traveler 15 November 2017

IBM Traveler available on Fix Central - Necessary update prior to Domino 9.0.1 FP10

IBM Traveler is available for download on IBM Fix Central.  

There is a technote published that recommends upgrading to this release of Traveler if you plan on updating your Traveler servers to Domino 9.0.1 FP10 when it is released.  This is due to changes in some header files in FP10.  

The list of fixes included in the release is not yet published, however, there is a new feature:  Support for invitee availability search from Calendar on Exchange ActiveSync clients.

Link to technote

 IBM Notes  Lotus Notes 13 October 2017

IBM Notes 9.0.1 Java patch and IF1 installation tip

Earlier in October, IBM released JVM patches for Notes and Domino for both the 1.6 and 1.8 versions of the JVM. Here's a link to the Interim Fix page with the download links.

This week, Interim Fix 1 for the 9.0.1 Notes client was released as well.   If you have previously installed the JVM patches for the Notes client, you will want to re-install the JVM patch as the IF puts the previous version back in place.  

So, the order I'd recommend following is:

  • Install Interim Fix 1
  • Install the JVM patches - both 1.6 and 1.8 for the client.

I would recommend this order for the Domino fix with the exception there is only the 1.8 JVM for the server.

 connections  ibm connections 14 September 2017

IBM Connections - APNS certificates expire Sept 20 - updates available

It's time to update the APNS certificates for the IBM Connections Mobile apps on your Connections installs.  The current certificates expire on September 20, 2017 so there are a few days to apply the patch for your release.

Follow the links in this technote to download the fix for your particular release.

There's nothing like waiting until the clock almost runs out. :-)

 Domino  IBM Domino  IBM Notes 18 August 2017

IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 available

Looks like IBM Domino and IBM Notes 9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 are available for download from Fix Central

Link to all Domino downloads

Link to all Notes downloads

Here's a quick hit of new features available in each:

The documentation in Knowledgebase will be updated with these new features to coincide with the ship date of 9.0.1 FP9

1) Enhancement Request To Be Able To Increase The Amgr Queue Beyond 100 (SPR #RSTNA4SL7C APARID: LO87242)
The Agent Manager's Eligible queue is now able to change from the lowest value possible at 100, to 255 which is the highest value possible via an INI AMGRMaxQueue.

2) Databases and views can be opened more quickly in databases that are enabled for transaction logging
It takes less time to open databases and views that are at ODS 52 or higher and enabled for transaction logging. Previously, performance for opening databases or views could be slow in frequently updated databases. This improvement is due to the implementation of less contention with update operations.

3) Restricting the use of mail rules to forward messages to external domains (SPR #JPAR9NEACX APARID: LO81771
You can control the extent to which users can use the Send copy to mail rule to automatically forward received messages to external domains that are not recognized by the mail server. This feature does not affect any forwarding rules that are specified in a user's Person document or any other type of mail server
forwarding or re-direction.

4) Enabling and managing inline view indexing
A view index is an internal filing system that Notes® uses to build the list of documents to display in a database view or folder. By default, view indexes are updated on a server at scheduled intervals. To update a view index immediately after documents change instead, administrators can enable inline view indexing. When you enable inline view indexing, a critical view is always kept up-to-date for your users.

5) Updating the default Java from 1.6 to 1.8 on IBM i (SPR #BYAGALM8J8)

1) Delegated mail files are refreshed automatically (SPR #RGAU829D4G APARID: LO48407)
If you have delegate access to another user's mail file, that mail file is refreshed automatically in your Notes® client. To enable this feature, upgrade to the Mail9.ntf template provided with the FP9 Client. No notes.ini setting is required for this feature.

2) Support for recall of messages created with Memo stationary (SPR #JLEN9C9E3G APARID: LO77349)
When message recall is configured on the server, messages created using Memo stationery can now be recalled. To enable this feature, upgrade to the Mail9.ntf template provided with FP9.

3) High resolution support for the Notes® Client
The Notes® client on Windows correctly scales text and icons when high resolution monitors or custom DPI settings are used.

4) Improved name lookup in Notes®
Searching by through typeahead or in the ambiguous name dialog, returns the same results as searching by . For example, searching for don smith or smith don returns the same results, including variants such as Donald, Donovan, Smithfield. To enable this feature, upgrade to the pernames.ntf template provided with 9.0.1 FP9 and add the notes.ini setting AllowWildcardLookup=1 to the Notes® 9.0.1 FP9 client.

5) Improved support for Notes® addressing with mobile directory catalogs (SPR #SAPLAK8ANL)
The list of names that is shown when using typeahead to search a mobile directory catalog is now sorted according to the directory catalog configuration. Names in local contacts follow this list. In addition, the Search Directory for option is available at the end of the list to facilitate server lookup. To enable this feature, add the notes.ini setting $TypeAheadShowDircatFirst = 1 to the Notes® 9.0.1 FP9 client.

There are also updated templates for mail and pernames.ntf that are separate downloads.

The full list is available here.

Happy downloading and testing before putting this update into production!

 connections  ibm connections 14 August 2017

One More Setting to Force TLSv1.2 in Connections 6.0

It appears that there is one additional setting that is needed to force IBM Connections 6.0 to use TLSv1.2.  In each Application Server go to Process Definiition > Java Virtual Machine and add the following setting in the Generic JVM arguments: . Save the changes and after applying to all application servers, restart the servers.

Image:One More Setting to Force TLSv1.2 in Connections 6.0

Link to complete Technote

 connections  ibm connections 18 July 2017

IBM Technote: Customizing Default Navigation Order of Apps in Connections 6.0 Mobile App

A technote published today outlines the ability to customize the default order of the apps displayed in the IBM Connections Mobile app.  This does require IBM Connections 6.0 and the June 2017 update to be installed for the new setting to work.

See this technote for the details on configuring the new setting.

27 April 2017

IBM Docs 2.0 CR2 IF1 Available

No sooner after I publish my post about the Security Updates in CR2, do I see that there's CR2 IF1 available now as well.

IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix 001 Release Notes

This includes support for TLS v1.2, so if that' important to you - I'm looking at you externally facing servers - then you'll want to check this out.