I thought I would post one success story with the 4.1 upgrade - Sametime on Blackberry. I did have to fight with the install a little bit, but after I figured out what the install instructions meant, it's worked without a hitch.

To install the Sametime client, look at this technote from RIM. Where it says to extract the files from the ZIP files, make sure to maintain the directory structure. That is critical if you want the loader to index the software properly. Don't just drag the files out of the ZIP and drop them in the share like some people might. ;-)

Go ahead and create your software configuration and assign it to your users. The install works great and creates and application titled "Enterprise Messenger" on the handheld, but it's your Sametime client. So far everything works as advertised.

A couple of notes -

  • Logging in on your Blackberry does log you out from whereever else you are logged into Sametime
  • You will show as a mobile user in anyone's buddy list, this goes for Sametime Connect and Notes IM
  • Chats do not carry over from one device to the other, so if you are chatting on ST Connect and login to your BB ST client, you won't have the history to look at
  • "Instant Meetings" (multi-user chat) does work on the Blackberry client
  • You can set separate notices for IM messages on your handheld
  • Like other IM apps, the messages appear in your message list as well as the chat program.

All in all, this does make up for some of the headache MDSS is giving me, some.

UPDATE: One item to remember when setting up your BES to support Sametime is to go into the Sametime Configuration database and  edit the CommunityConnectivity document. You'll want to add the IP addresses of any BES servers that will be providing the Sametime connectivity to your Blackberry users to the Community Trusted IPS field of this document. If you don't you won't be able to login to the Sametime server on your Blackberry

For some nice screenshots of Sametime on the Blackberry, check out Chris W's Blog.

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