I thought that I'd provide an update on our BES 4.1 MDS Services install since it's been a while. We did get the BES 4.1 installed and running on our server, but the MDS Services installations failed at numerous points, from creating the databases, to the install of the MDSS code. I had found all the Knowledgebase articles on the RIM Support site, and did an uninstall according to their instructions and made sure that the database settings were all correct, but still the MDSS database couldn't get created without using the SA account, and even after that, there was data missing that caused other errors, and then the code install that happens after the database "creation" failed.

I opened a call with RIM Support and exchanged emails with their Level 1 support proving that I had already gone through all the basics. Then the 4.1.1 install came out that purported to resolve the database issues and other install problems. Sorry - no it hasn't. Then I took a day off for a family need and got an email from support which I didn't look at that day.  The next morning, I get an email saying my problem has been resolved and a nice link to a support survey. Seems that I missed their response window so they closed the call.  Being a very happy customer at this point I gladly take the survey and let them know what I think about their "support." Basically ripping them for closing a call so they can get their time to resolution stats down, that I paid for support and expect to get some, that I know of other customers with the same issues with this install so there is a prob that I wanted this call re-opened.

Within 15 minutes of the survey, I get a phone call from someone at support who walked through some checks - made sure that .Net 2.0 isn't installed, for one. Also he mentioned that the "full" 4.1.1 install was somehow better than then "upgrade" install. So I downloaded the full install, and it ended up being the same size (300+ MB) as the upgrade. We came across an issue with the .Net 1.1 install on this server, so I had to resolve that issue before going any further. Somehow that installation had become corrupt and I had to use the MSIZap tool to completely blow away the .Net installation and make it so I could install the 1.1 runtime again.

Unfortunately, after that, the install went the same way it has gone previously and I'm waiting for a response to the install logs I uploaded on Friday. I've got to wonder has anyone actually upgraded the MDSS successfully?

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