Over the weekend, I noticed a blog entry in my feed reader from the IBM Collaboration Solutions Support blog -  End of Support Plans for the Connections Mail Plug-in - which starts of detailing that the IC Mail plugin for Connections 4.0 and 4.5 entered end of support this month. It also indicated EOS dates for the plugins for 5.0

The interesting/disturbing piece is related to future plans for IC Mail and Connections.  The statement is that there are no plans for a version of the Mail plugin to work with Connections 6.0.  And there is no mention of what a replacement might be.

Most of our clients that use Connections use the Mail plugin as well, so this would be a significant loss of functionality if there is actually nothing to replace the plugin.  Is it going to be part of the main suite now? Will Verse (cloud and on-prem) replace it?  Who knows, but apparently IBM is happy to let speculation play out until it makes a complete announcement.

Once again - we need IBM to fully explain what's going on.  

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