IBM released a statement on April 23 regarding the plan for support of Java 8 in IBM Connections 5.5 (and earlier).  The tl;dr synopsis is:  there won't be any.  

IBM Connections 5.5 uses Java 1.6 for it's JVM in WebSphere 8.5.5 and there is no plan to provide support for Java 8 for these earlier versions of Connections.  Also, Java 1.6 will not be supported past April 2018 aside from security updates that will be provided until December 2018.

So, if you want to stay "current" on Java releases, it's time to start looking at migrating to IBM Connections 6.0. I know for some customers this is a news flash as they may have either just been kicking the tires on 6.0 in a test environment or haven't even started to look at it - or the new features in the Component Pack (Orient Me, etc).  This is now the time to start looking at this in earnest.  

Beyond the changes in the underlying JVM, if you are running on Linux there is also a need to upgrade/migrate to a newer OS as RHEL 7.0 is now the minimum.

Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Java 8 support statement for IBM Connections v5.5

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