Flying home, I'm thinking about the conference.  This year was a slightly different experience for me, since I'm with Lotus911 now and not a corporate attendee.  Spending time in the booth talking to attendees about the offerings that we're releasing, how we might help them, scanning badges, along with all the usual stuff that I've done in the past.  It was a great experience, I look forward to being back again.

From the Opening General Session with Blue Man Group and Dan Akroyd and the news around the growth of the Lotus brand, new products, re-connecting with friends and excellent sessions, it was an great show. Seeing people standing around the TVs to watch the presidential inauguration, no matter what your political persuasion, was a sight to see. This year's Closing Session was easily the best ever, for the past 3-4 years, they've been getting better and better. Alton Brown last year was fun, but Ben Zander was fun and extremely inspirational.  I tell my wife about each conference, but this was the first time I've told her, you should have been there. It may be the first session video I have ever ordered. Singing Happy Birthday to Eric, Ode to Joy in German and everything in between was a great way to finish the conference. I do hope that the video Kristin Loria showed at the CGS does make it out to the world - excellent stories that absolutely must be told to get the "air cover" for the Lotus brand. I'm sure that there are a few more stories in the video they shot that could be produced into other ads.

Yes, there were some "fascinating" things - the wireless access not working as we'd hope (though not unexpected), the warm Florida weather turning nice and frosty for a couple days (though the Sunday night party was the warmest I can remember in the 10 'spheres I've been to. Also, the Certification Test Lab could have/should have been open later on Thursday. The demand, especially on Thursday, far outstripped the available slots, even taking walkups. If they would extend the hours later, or at least allow people to start tests at the last time slot, instead of saying they had to be finished by closing time (12p?) that would have enabled more people (yes, including me) to get a test in. I was able to get my ND8 Admin update done, but wanted a crack at the dev update.

Now its time to clean up the Inbox - thanks Eric.